Why me?

I am thrilled you want to know more about me and my wedding photographer’s services.
As said on main page – I studied arts and photography for many years in Europe. I have decades of experience and won numerous awards at the most prestigious international photo salons. I received Fellowship distinction from Royal Photographic Society (UK) their highest available, – being only 10th Canadian to receive this prestigious title, another Fellowship from OPS, and two honorary photo distinctions – hon.FSAPI, and hon.CPE. Now living in Dominica, I possibly am the only one in the Eastern Caribbean with these top distinctions – and they aren’t given for nothing.

I have published award-winning photography books and performed various photography services for the most exclusive clientele. I have given photography talks, spent countless hours improving my art skills and professional knowledge. My photos can be found in many various publications, including such magazines as Vogue, Country Times, Real Life, MACO, or Daily Mirror. I am addicted to quality and perfection in my work. In short – I know what I am doing when I am behind the camera.

For your beautiful traditional wedding, I can deliver brilliant coverage and provide you with dazzling, unparalleled photographs that you’ll be proud to display and cherish.

On the other hand, should you also desire to go beyond the classical wedding portraits and photos, you can feel perfectly at ease with me. I have extensive experience in a very wide scope of art photography, and I love all special theme or fantasy set-ups.

You can dress up in some special way, have a fun makeup, or organize a specific set-up for your extra commemorative, fun photo-shoot. It can accentuate your own style, or perhaps bring back recollections of some specific circumstances you first met each other… Let your creativity and fantasy guide you, and I will make sure your photos match that style, and that they are fantastic and deserving fine display.

I am at home with classical portraits, elegant, noble, or modern. But I’m also equally at home with risque, or special fetish photography – I have photographed so many styles I can well handle your particular special request. The best wedding photography is what I strive to do. Did I mention video services too?

Maybe you are organizing your wedding with a special central theme? Be it a retro theme, with old cars and fancy dresses, or whatever else. You can simply tell me what to look out for, and I will add those special shots to your album – highlighting every detail of your carefully planned celebration.
I love creative photography, and will be thrilled to assist you with ideas and details for that perfect shot.

If you wish I can recommend a make-up artist and a hair artist – talented ladies who have helped me create some award-winning art photos. You would be in fantastic hands – they will know exactly how to make you look your absolute best. (You can see their work in my art portfolio on my other Web site.)
Please  consider my services, but call me only if you really want to love your photos!
I look forward to discussing your Wedding soon. Cheers!

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