About my Dominica wedding photography: Did you ever feel an absolute consuming passion about something? This strong feeling that nothing else matters, or even more – nothing else exists – when you indulge in the subject of your fascination? Perhaps a sport, or a game? Or maybe playing music, or growing your own hybrid flowers?
If you know that passionate feel, you also know that such total devotion, the NEED to do it again and again can be quite addictive. At the same time, the full attention and concentration of your mind running on high-gear helps you progress, leads you to master your knowledge and skill…

To me – that passion is photography. I experienced that thrill for the first time when I was a boy. I knew I had to do it. I still do. I studied the arts in Europe, I have won numerous international photography awards and medals, have exhibited my works and sold them to clients around the world. I have published photography books and performed various photography services for the most demanding and exclusive clientele. I have given talks on photography, spent countless hours improving my art skills and professional knowledge. And I love every minute of my work.

What gives me particular thrill is showcasing emotions in my images. In recent years True Human Emotions has become the main subject of my award-winning artwork. I’ve been creating art portraits and photographing people on the street. I’ve photographed performing artists and children at play. Some of these pictures have earned me the nickname of “Soul Photographer”. To catch that important moment, to freeze in time that unique feeling, that unique expression, that special interaction between people –I just love it!

And what better opportunity to witness such emotions than weddings? So, Wedding Photography is a natural focus for me. Combining matured artistic skills with decades of photographic experience to catch and display that important moment – it’s my passion. And I want to put that passion AT YOUR SERVICE – so my thrill while making the picture results in YOUR THRILL at the fruit of my work. I want you to love my photographs, to know that your choice of selecting ME for your wedding was your best decision. I want to give you more than just decent photos. I want to capture your Love, show you how beautiful it is, so it can stay with you – forever.

I accept only a limited number of Wedding Photography bookings in Dominica and neighbouring Caribbean islands. I offer it to discerning clients who appreciate the artistic touch and best photography quality. As my schedule is busy with international location shoots and other photography activities, I suggest that you contact me early to discuss your booking. I am now a Dominica photographer, but also work, in the Eastern Caribbean (West Indies), and other surrounding islands – as well as in remote locations. I  travel to South or Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia – wherever and whenever you need me. Travel and destination inquiries are  welcome. I often travel internationally for photo shoots, and likely will be able to accommodate your request – including also wedding video (aerial video with a drone too).

My Wedding photography or video pricing for Dominica is highly discounted and starts at only $300 (USD) for Eloping Package, $750 for my Petite Package (travel is extra) – all packages are very attractive to give you good options, best value, and enhanced experience. I offer several comprehensive packages which can be flexibly adjusted to fit your exact needs.
I often spend hours of time editing a single image, to make sure it is perfect. Editing time does not matter to me – the final result does. After all I take pride in what I do.

So – my schedule permitting – I will be happy to accommodate your request. Cheers!

I also offer Engagement photography, glamour and boudoir photography, fine art portraits, photo-journalistic images, special theme and fantasy, head shots, architecture and real estate, landscape and aerial drone photography and video services, gallery quality prints, and more. You may wish to see my other site to learn more about my other work, achievements, and offers. Thank you!

Special news: I relocated from Canada to Dominica, Eastern Caribbean (West Indies)!
Now you can have an internationally acclaimed photographer, a Fellow of Royal Photographic Society (UK) – right in the Eastern Caribbean, without spending a lot to bring a professional wedding photographer from overseas – and at local prices! If you search for wedding photographers in Dominica and the Caribbean, please compare and consider my services, but call me only if you want to love your pics!

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